The Chosen review – Raising of Lazarus foreshadows the Passion of Christ

Jesus and his followers make their way to Bethany for Christ’s final and most influential public miracle. Photo:

Following the news of Lazarus’ death in last episode’s final moments, The Chosen episode seven follows the disciples as they make their way back to Bethany, where Jesus has proclaimed that he will awaken his sleeping friend. 

Season four’s main story arcs have been converging on the raising of Lazarus. With Holy Week around the corner, Christ’s final public miracle will propel current characters and events to their place within the Passion. 

Arriving to a grieving Martha and Mary, Jesus consoles them with his words on the resurrection. He clarifies that he isn’t referring only to the final resurrection.  

Many of the disciples speculate what Jesus might have meant and what he is about to do, which brings hope for some and confuses others. 

Lazarus stumbles out of the tomb after Jesus prays to the Father and utters the words “Lazarus, come out!”  

As the crowd is struck by terror and awe, the disciples try to make sense of what just transpired from each one’s own perspective. 

Big James is confused why Jesus did this miracle so publicly, when he asked to keep his works a secret in the past. Judas is ecstatic, seeing this sign as an opportunity to unite the Jews against their oppressors.  

Thomas collapses in grief and confronts Jesus over why he chose to resurrect Lazarus over Ramah, or even his cousin John. 

Knowing he won’t understand fully until his resurrection, Jesus tells Thomas that what he and the Father allow, though crushing for some, is for the growth of their faith—and he shares in all their pain.  

Despite these words or those of his fellow disciples, Thomas’ grief sends him into a fit of rage that deafens him to reason. 

With this season’s eighth and final episode set to portray Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, these scenes in episode 7 set up crucial storylines and character development, which will shape the retelling of the Passion and resurrection. 

One can see where the disciples’ confusion over the resurrection, Judas’ fixation on the Messiah’s worldly liberation of the Jewish people and Thomas’ failing trust in the Lord will lead these characters in the coming seasons.  

A conversation between Jesus and Lazarus places this event into the context of the Passion, as Jesus discusses his frustration with his student’s lack of understanding, the religious leaders’ twisting of faith and his dread of the cup that he must drink. 

Christ’s public raising of Lazarus not only analyses why God wills some things and not others, but it also comments on our participation in Jesus’ miracles and their purpose in building up the Father’s Kingdom.  

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